Researchers find how anti-cancer drug can improve symptoms after stroke – World News Network

An investigation conducted by the UAB's Institut de Neurociencies (INc-UAB) showed the advantages of vorinostat in animal models following a stroke.

Daylight saving time has minimal effect on heart health: Study – World News Network

Researchers concentrated on the week immediately following the spring and autumn DST transitions when clocks are changed either an hour forward or backwards.

Butterflies mimic each other’s flight patterns to evade predators: Study – World News Network

Researchers discovered that inedible butterfly species that replicate one other's colour patterns have developed similar flight habits to warn predators and avoid being eaten.

Vaping can enhance vulnerability to infection with SARS-CoV-2: Study – World News Network

According to a study, vapers are susceptible to infection by SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and continues to infect people all over the world.

Simple measurement may predict risk of worsening kidney disease: Study – World News Network

Aarhus University researchers discovered a simple way for predicting which people are most likely to develop chronic kidney disease rapidly. This could be a key step towards improved prevention and treatment.

Study finds relaxing words in sleep slows down cardiac activity – World News Network

Researchers from the GIGA - Centre of Research Cyclotron at the University of Liege shed new light on brain-heart interactions during sleep.

Air pollution linked to higher hospitalisations for heart, lung diseases – World News Network

Short and long-term exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) air pollution is linked to an increased risk of hospitalisation for serious heart and lung problems, according to two major US studies published in The British Medical Journal.

Researchers find common anesthetic can improve social symptoms of depression – World News Network

Researchers used a mouse model of depression to show that one type of ketamine (a common anaesthetic) in low doses can improve social impairments by restoring function in a specific brain region known as the anterior insular cortex.

Researchers create method to detect landslides and whether they pose tsunami hazard – World News Network

Researchers have developed a method for remotely detecting massive landslides within minutes of their occurrence and determining whether they are near open water and pose a tsunami hazard.

Study reveals air pollution hides increases in rainfall – World News Network

We know that greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, should increase rainfall. The emissions warm the atmosphere, resulting in a one-two punch: warmer oceans make it easier for water to evaporate, and warmer air can store more water vapour, allowing more moisture to fall as rain. However, for long of the twentieth century, the data did not clearly reveal a rise in precipitation.