“This partnership is not of convenience, it’s a partnership of conviction:” PM Modi at USISPF event – World News Network


Washington DC [US], June 24 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated the strong bond between India and US and said that the partnership is forged with conviction.
Speaking at the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) event, he said, “I can confidently say that this partnership is not just of convenience but of conviction, of compassion and of shared commitment for a better future. The foundation of this partnership is you.”
He said that the foundation of this partnership is the citizens of the United States and India while addressing the Indian diaspora.
“Another highlight of this partnership is the overwhelming support for India in the US, across party lines,” said PM Narendra Modi.
The Prime Minister said that he was eagerly waiting for this program during his US tour.
“You all are the strong pillars of America’s development journey, so I wanted to meet you. All of you have brought America to this height with your hard work. You are all part of the American Dream. You have lived the American Dream. You have shown how to make a commitment and deliver it,” said PM Narendra Modi at the USISPF event.
Highlighting the success of the Indian diaspora, he said, “You all are the strong pillars of the development journey of the US. Be it the Congressmen, business leaders, doctors, engineers or scientists – all of you have brought the US to this height with your hard work. You are a part of the American dream. You have lived the American dream.”
PM Modi said that there comes a time in the development journey of every country when it sets a new goal with new energy.
“Today India is also passing through a similar time frame. Sometime back we completed 75 years of independence and took a resolution. 140 crore Indians have taken a pledge and this pledge is for a developed India. We are providing permanent solutions to decades-old problems in India and we also challenge challenges,” said PM Modi.
Speaking about his historic State visit to the US, PM Modi said, “It has been four days since I came to the US. In these 4 days, I met several people, including President Biden. The one thing that gave me self-confidence is — India and US partnership.”
At the USISPF event, PM Narendra Modi said that the greatest driving force of India’s success is the aspiration of Indians.
“This is not very different from the American dream. Today, the share of private consumption in India’s GDP is the highest in the last 15 years,” he said.
PM Modi said that he is even more confident that the India-US partnership can change the fortunes of the world of the 21st century.
“Our partnership can change the fate of the 21st-century world. There comes a time period in the development journey of every country when it sets a new goal with a new energy. Today India is also passing through a similar time period,” said PM Modi.
Speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic and its tremors felt across the world, he said, “The way India has fought with Corona, shows the potential of India. Today, in the post-pandemic world, you know the situation of the economy, inflation and supply chain but India is growing at the rate of more than 7 per cent. Currently, an era of reforms is underway in India”
In the post-pandemic world, the economy, inflation and supply chain aren’t in good shape. However, amid all these, India is moving forward with a growth rate of more than 7 per cent.
He said that 140 crore people of India, resolved for a Developed India.
“We completed 75 years of our independence and we, the 140 crore people of India, resolved for a Developed India. We are giving a permanent solution to the problems going on for decades…We are empowering the poor of India. We are improving the ease of living,” said PM Modi.

Meanwhile, John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus Cisco, at the USISPF event in Washington DC said that India has made great strides on the economic front.
“India shows up in the economic results, it has moved from the 10th position to the 5th position. India will become the number 1 economy in the world.”
Speaking about his experience of meeting PM Modi, he said, “I’ve met probably 40 of the world’s top leaders in 35 years. And when I met the Prime Minister for the first time, they are completely different. He has an energy that is amazing. He has an understanding of technology and understands how technology can enable a country. They linked a vision to a strategy, what are the priorities to deliver, linked to results.” (ANI)

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