The I AM Awards creates a new standard of Awards for I Hollywood Film Fest-World News Network

The I AM Awards creates a new standard of Awards for I Hollywood Film Fest

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2021 — The I AM Awards were created with Vanda Teixeira for the Hollywood Film Fest. They became the first Film Festival to award films based on energetic frequency. It was also the first film festival to award NFTs(non-fungible tokens) to filmmakers for their awards. The Hollywood Film Fest closed on July 6 with the announcement of the Audience Awards.

I Hollywood Filmfest
I Hollywood Filmfest-World News Network

The biggest winner was “Our Neighbor’s Shadow” as the “I AM Award” winner. It was also a 5 Star Award Connection finalist. It was selected independently through different judges for Hollywood Film Fest for Best Hollywood Feature Film, Best Hollywood Producer, Best Hollywood Director, Best Actor, Massi Furlan and Best Actress, Gley Viera.

“Katie Cutie, Ashu and the Funny Mouse” held its world premiere during the I Hollywood Film Fest and

Dr Shahid Kamal and Dr Samir Srivastava earned a finalist nod and a 5 Star Awards Connection Runner up the award, the 5 Star Awards Beauty Winner for “Cinnamon” awarded Best Hollywood Mini Movie International. They were awarded three other trophies for Best Hollywood Mini Movie and Best Hollywood Director for Mini Movies for their film “Matty Boy” and Best Hollywood Mini Movie Children for “Take the Chocolate”.

Winners were selected utilising traditional rating analysis and awards determined by Vanda through a vibrational frequency and energy pull of the film or digital content. Remarkably, or perhaps not so remarkably, awards intersected through separate analysis and judging.
The I AM Award held the highest vibration and is the I AM presence within all of us. The symbol is the feminine divine that carries a five-pointed star which is part of the I AM Thread, founded on love, peace and honour. The 5 Star Awards include Connection, Positive Consciousness, Attunement, Expression and Beauty. The Rising Rays of Light Awards were awarded for Courage, Insight and Intuition.

“Be connected to your higher self and express your true self and your desires, and that will make a difference”, shares Vanda.
As a filmmaker, what are you sharing? Why are you sharing it? Is it to make a difference or purely to entertain? When you’re watching a movie, what makes you feel good about watching it? Sometimes people can define it, but what makes a movie a people’s choice award or an audience favourite?
The Oscar® statuette symbolises achievement for the Academy Awards®; for the I Hollywood Film Fest, it’s the I AM symbol and statuette, feminine and masculine with arms raised holding a five-pointed star. This Goddess statuette is the golden image artwork, trademarked by Vanda Inc with digital formatting by Mark Johnson and featured on the festival poster.
A total of 54 films and panels were screened virtually and on-demand from June 25-July 5, 2021. Topics and films included feature-length, mini-movies(short films), digital series, music videos, audio and photography, and included films created during the pandemic plus tribal, veterans, trans and LGBTQI. Hosts for screenings and Q&As were Laura Powers, Michelle Tabrizi-Ortiz, Jessica Ross, Billy Holden, Justin Howard, James Pratt, Arati Micro, Patrick Kilpatrick and Amber Martinez and Edward Marinzel. Hosts streamed from Hollywood, Alabama, Atlanta and Sydney, Australia.
Partners for the I Hollywood Film Fest included Vanda; Tri-Continental Distribution; Montebubbles Entertainment; Justin Howard; Quiet on Set Hollywood; and Maggie Media.
Sponsors include Product Hollywood; Steve Mitchell Marketing; Woman’s Club of Hollywood; Klio Studio; Axus Coin; Dr Lawton Tang, Trip Digital Music; Christine Reed; Platinum Image Services; Haven University; Teton University; Asahi beer; Ito-en green tea; Glitterati Magazine; Heard Exclusively; Venture Accel; FoodTech LA and The Atlas Post.

Filmmakers, producers and actors attend I Hollywood FilmFest and gifting suite at The Woman’s Club of Hollywood, Hollywood, CA, on June 25, 2021

A complete list of winners:
The I AM Award
Winner–Our Neighbor’s Shadow
Finalist-Katie Cutie, Ashu and the Funny Mouse
Runner Up–Alternate Life

5 Star Awards
Connection-Winner–Sanitize This!
Connection–Runner Up–Katie Cutie, Ashu and the Funny Mouse
Connection–Finalist–Our Neighbor’s Shadow
Connection–Semi-Finalist–In the Mirror Reflection
Beauty–Runner Up-Trunk
Attunement–Winner-We’re All Fine
Attunement–Runner Up–Elephant Refugees
Attunement–Finalist–Old Hollywood Vibe photo
Expression–Winner-Homecoming: Veterans, Wives and Mothers
Positive Consciousness–Winner–Trunk

Rising Rays of Light Awards
Intuition-Winner–The Portrait of Loneliness in Quarantine
Intuition–Runner Up–Making Progress
Courage–Winner–Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration
Courage–Runner Up-Tidewater
Insight–Winner–It Is What It Is
Insight–Runner Up–Directed By
Insight–Honorable Mention–For the Women of Belarus

I Hollywood Film Fest Team Recognition
Michelle Tabrizi-Ortiz
Misaki Arai
Billy Holden with Vision Award

About I Hollywood Film Fest
I Hollywood Film Fest, International Hollywood Film Festival, is the only official Hollywood Film Festival internationally recognised and proud member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The festival honours creativity and people transforming the arts and continues to be at the forefront of technology. The I Hollywood Film Fest sets a new standard of inspired creativity by educating and discovering the best of diverse and emerging storytellers to showcase to the world while providing access to networking, workshops, distribution and film finance. The I Hollywood Film Fest was created in 2020 by Joyce Chow and Catherine Rhee. 

Vanda is a world-renowned, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Activist. She received an honorary doctorate for her insightful, ground-breaking methodology of the “work”, which was created to accelerate the healing and the rise from all that blocks one’s light into their greatness. The Vanda, Inc. brand is over a decade intense seen on various platforms all over the world. From the Huffington Post to the United Nations to the Emmy’s, her brand continues to expand rapidly across the globe. Vanda’s continuous passion for consciously connecting those for spiritual evolution never fails, and she is only getting started.